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WAITLIST ONLY - Sorry, no reservations. 

We are a first-come first-seated fast-casual style restaurant ... and can get very busy in high season during peak dining hours. Plan ahead, and be prepared you may have to wait to dine with us. 

The waitlist can be joined in person only at this time. Sorry - we don't add guests to the waitlist over the phone. Please check in with our host at the door to inquire about our current availability for seating [bar seats or tables], and the current estimated wait time. 

We look forward to seeing you in the restaurant soon!

A few things to know:

- The waitlist is not a reservation system, so you aren't able to select an exact time to dine with us. However, we will keep you updated what the estimated wait time is via text.

You'll receive a text confirming when you've been added to the waitlist. It'll list an estimated wait time. We can't guarantee an exact time your table will be available.

- When notified your table is ready, please head to the restaurant promptly and check in with the host. We'll hold your table for 10 minutes before offering it to the next guest in line. 

- We're sorry, but we can't save your spot + move your name to the next in line if you aren't ready to dine when your table is ready. We're happy to keep you on the list though... but you'll be forfeiting your spot & moving to the back of the line.

- We ask that all guests on our waitlist respect those waiting behind them in line. Please arrive promptly to be seated & complete your dining experience with us in a timely manner [1-hour], to allow us to serve as many guests as possible.

- Large parties of 6+ will have longer wait times and may need to be seated as separate parties. Be prepared to split into smaller groups for faster seating.

- Parties of 1-2 will be accommodate with bar seating during prime dining hours, depending on table availability and business volume. We only have 8 tables, and those will be reserved for larger parties of 3+. Thank you for understanding!

We hope to see you soon!